Bat inc.

The mutiny onboard the Normandy

A wicked plan was forged by the assassin Leman and the Tech-priest smiling Grim that a mutiny was at hand.

After the loot was loaded on-board was the crew working hard to leave the planet.

Their plan was foiled by Arch-militant Ramirez,K 11 and K 12 and Leman was shoot dead.
Thou the plan almost succeeded when Rouge trader Thak was lured into smiling grim´s laboratory.

The crazy tech-priest sprung his trap, sealing the only exit, activated a device that put the plasma drive off-line and pumped the chamber whit his Merci Gas.

The tech-priest lauged to death while Thak was able to escape true the hull whit a bulkhead cutter he foundin the lab.

Thak fell to the ground and crushed both his legs and lost consciousness. A group of zombies advanced on his position.

Meanwhile was Ramirez getting suspicious of the Captains failure to respond to any hails true the micro bead and sent out his troops to search the ship. in the nick of time did one of the search party´s spot Thak. they fended of the zombies and got Thak evacuated to the medic bay.

After the ship was repaid was the order to leave the planet given.

When they arrived to onicron and docked at the space port did the navigator stand up and loudly proclaim that she quit and left the bridge.

Thak got new legs inplanded and recovered from his wounds.

Inquisitor Kaltus Ferrus-exil and his revenue Tracy and Striker came on-board. the Inquisitor explained that he had successfully made an agreement whit a colonist fleet to settle on Grace. He also introduced the navigator Lucretia Amabell explaining that he had heard about the loss of the last navigator.


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